Norms and Standards for Evaluation (2016)

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The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) Norms and Standards for Evaluation, adopted in 2005, has served as a landmark document for the United Nations and beyond. For the last ten years, it has been used successfully to strengthen and harmonize evaluation practice and has served as a key reference for evaluators around the globe.

However, the last decade has witnessed many changes in global, regional and national contexts and in the practice of evaluation. The evolving context and the increasing demands for accountability and national ownership in evaluation require an updated Norms and Standards document in order to ensure its continued relevance in guiding and further strengthening evaluation practices.

In 2016, UNEG adopted the updated 2016 UNEG Norms and Standards. The ten general norms should be upheld in the conduct of any evaluation; the four institutional norms should be reflected in the management and governance of evaluation functions. The associated standards support the implementation of these normative principles.

In addition to the Norms and Standards document, please also click here to see a PowerPoint Presentation on the publication.

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